By scheduling or using Mad Rouge Beauty services, you agree to the following terms:

All services are for entertainment purposes only.


Scheduling: Mad Rouge Beauty events can be done in your home or at a variety of venues.  If you’re booking us for an event, we highly recommend leaving a minimum of 30
minutes leeway time between the start of your party and the start of our presentation to allow for the arrival of your guests. If you’re running behind schedule, we normally cannot wait to start due to multiple, stacking events.

Travel Policy:  Our home base is in Santa Monica, California and we will travel 25 mile radius, 50 round trip. If you are located outside this radius, please contact us to inquire further for mileage fees.

Set Up:  We will arrive 30 minutes prior to our presentation start-time to set up. Be sure to have appropriate seating and table space for each of your participating guests. An electrical outlet must be accessible for use during the demonstration. Please help us to prevent your guests from tampering with the products during the set up.

Liability:  We can not accept liability for events outside the company’s control to include hazards/dangers within the home or chosen venue. We take the upmost care to ensure the safety of all party guests and we only use high quality products and follow strict hygiene routines.  Mad Rouge Beauty is not responsible for allergic reactions to the use of any products used during or after the party. Your well-being is important to us and it is the responsibility of the guest and/or guests’ parent or guardian to inform us of any specific allergies. A release form must be completed for each participating guest, noting any known allergies and waiving all liability for allergic reactions, as well as any stains/damages to clothing or furniture.

Stains/Damages Policy: Although we provide aprons, we encourage each guest to wear clothing that get can soiled. We will also supply trays and heavy-duty butcher paper to cover tables to minimize stains and spills.  Although we do what we can to limit spills, it is recommended not to host the event near expensive furniture or carpeting. The host waives all liability for stains or damages.

Deposit: To book an event with us, a 50% deposit by credit card or check is required. The deposit is non-refundable, but will still apply if the reservation needs to be rescheduled, postponed, or switched to a different package.

Credit Cards: If you would like to pay the balance by credit card there’s a 3% charge. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Final payment by credit card, check, or cash is due the day of the event.

Payment:   If you have not paid the balance prior to the party, payment for the full balance is due the day of the event. Any amount not paid in full within 7 days is subject to additional interest, penalties, collection fees, and/or additional court fees. By booking an event, the client agrees to these terms.

Cancellation: If a cancellation notice is not given at least 48-hours before the event, the full balance of the event will need to be paid. If the full balance is not paid, it will be charged to the deposit holder’s credit card or will be pursued legally. The client agrees to these terms by making a reservation. The client will also have to pay for any fees associated with collecting full payment. A payment made for a cancellation may be applied towards a future booking of an event based on availability.


Food:  We do not provide food or beverages, but you are welcome to serve them to your guests before or after our presentation and activities and away from the table set up. This policy is to help prevent soiling the ingredients or interfering with your guests’ product formulation.  We do carry hand sanitizer and wipes, but soap and water is still the best before and after handling food or product ingredients.

Goodie Bags:  Mad Rouge Beauty offers a cosmetic pouch as a take-home gift for each of your participating guests in addition to any product(s) they created during the event. If applicable, the guest of honor will receive a special kit, also available for purchase for additional guests with advanced order only.


Clean Up:  We’re mothers…we clean up after ourselves! We will clean up the table set up upon conclusion of the event. We always carry hand sanitizer and wipes, but it is also recommended that at all guests wash with soap and water after handling ingredients.

Gratuity: Gratuity is not included in the fee, but is optional. We also do not charge for travel time or gas unless out of the area. Everyone sincerely appreciates your gratuity for a job well done and 18-20% is customary.

Returned Check Policy: Any returned check is subject to a $35.00 collection/insufficient fund fee.  Mad Rouge Beauty is authorized to run the returned check amount plus fee on the credit card on file. Any amount not paid in full within 7 days is subject to additional interest, penalties, collection fees, and/or additional court fees. By writing a check the day of the event, the check writer agrees to these terms.

Return/Refund Policy: There are no refunds eligible after services are rendered. By allowing Mad Rouge Beauty to set up/perform, you are waiving any right to a refund and will be responsible for paying the entire balance.

Goodbye: If you have not booked us to stay for additional time, we do leave promptly since we often have multiple parties to attend. We may have a hard time saying goodbye to your guests though, as we have just as much fun as they do!