Mad Rouge Kids 

Eye Shadow Party  (ages 12+)
Shine…sparkle…shimmer…repeat! Our eye shadow party takes creativity to a whole new level. Not only can you make your own natural, custom blend of shadows, but learn to tile press them into a final product that looks as good as anything in a department store. We have makeup down to a science with this easily approachable and inventive eye shadow experience!  Contact us for pricing. 

  • Includes two custom tile-pressed eye shadows
  • Science presentation and demonstration
  • Choice of color (natural micas and shimmers)
  • Individual, hands-on assistance
  • Formulator cards to record each guest’s unique formula
  • Custom labeling
  • Take-home cosmetic pouch for each guest
  • Guest of honor receives a mini DIY kit (available as an add-on for other guests with advanced order only)
  • *Extra guests may be added for an additional charge per person and subject to staff availability. Eye shadow party package can also be customized for Mad Rouge Adults.

Our kids’ party packages encourage discovery, confidence, imagination, and individuality through fun and engaging activities that mix mad science with beauty. We bring the raw materials and know-how to make natural, custom beauty products that are safe for all ages. All Mad Rouge party packages can be fully customized for any celebration or shared activity for kids and teens. Whether you are celebrating a special birthday, hosting a sleepover, or just have kids craving to learn something new, a Mad Rouge party may be just what you are looking for!

Our packages are booked in two and a half hour increments, including set-up, demonstrations, activities, and clean up. Once our presentation begins, we give a brief science demonstration engaging kids in color theory and applied chemistry. We explain each project with a step-by-step demonstration. Then it’s your guests’ turn to put their skills to the test. The Mad Rouge team offers individual, hands-on assistance with each guest during their product formulation and bottling. Each child can choose from a selection of ingredients and can customize their own packaging. Children are also encouraged to record their steps and unique formula of ingredients on our formulator card. Once their product is completed and bottled, each guest will get to name their own product and create a custom label. Guests will receive a cosmetic pouch to take home their unique creation in. The guest of honor will receive a mini accessory kit, available as an add-on for additional guests with advanced order only.