“I have participated in Mad Rouge Beauty events twice and I truly enjoyed my experiences! Sarah was upbeat, informative, and very helpful throughout the whole process. She explained how to make each product and encouraged us to experiment with them. Sarah had loads of color choices and even though I was a bit overwhelmed, Sarah helped me choose what colors would work best with my skin tone and hair color. I made eye shadow, lip gloss, and nail polish and I still use all of the products daily and love them all!

I have done loads of activities similar to this such as jewelry making, painting, and pottery. However, what I enjoyed most about Mad Rouge was the products that I made are products I actually used after my experience and used often. I would definitely do it again and recommend it to friends, colleagues, and family who were looking for a fun, unique and meaningful activity to do.

As a former science teacher, I often found many girls lacked an interest in science. However, what I also realized was not many girls understood that science was not just about becoming an astronaut, zoologist, meteorologist, computer scientist or engineer. When I told my students that make up was chemistry, many were excited and surprised to learn something they used every day was science.”

Samantha, Teacher, 35
“It was really cool to create my own make-up and show my friends what I had done. Plus, I got to pick out my own colors.”
Stella, 9
“What a great way to get together with friends! Working on our Mad Rouge lipstick was a unique experience- from melting the wax and mixing natural dyes to seeing the finished product out of the mold. It was wonderful to create a staple beauty product myself while having fun with my friends.”
Adriana, 43
“Excitement, imaginative, creativity, inspirational and accomplishment...only a few words I can think of to describe a Mad Rouge party. Kids excited and enthusiastic to use their imagination to create. It's not only fun, it's science and its girls a great start to a healthy mind and body experience.”
Mimi, Mom of a spunky 8 year-old at a lip gloss party
“Making your own make-up is so much fun and a great learning experience! It's hard to believe you can make eye shadows that look exactly store bought! Or that tube of lipstick... in just that right color of red! A unique and fun experience for all ages! You can even pick your own color names!”
Debbie, 60
“Making my own nail polish with my friends was really cool! I loved mixing the powders and liquids together into such pretty colors. Mad Rouge turned the usual sleepover mani/pedi into something way more fun and creative!”
Ava, 13
“I couldn't pull my daughters away from making lip gloss at a Mad Rouge party- they begged to do it all over again and immediately put Mad Rouge make-up kits on their Christmas lists. As a parent, it's great to know that they are making all natural products and learning the science behind their creations all while having fun with friends. What a fantastic birthday party or sleepover idea!”
Parent of two daughters, ages 8 and 13
“I wish I could go back in time and do it again!”
Elle, 8
“Highly recommend Mad Rogue Beauty! What a fun experience that combines my love of make-up and spending time with my daughter.”
Anna, 41