One-part chemistry, one part cosmetics, one-part entertainment: that’s the Mad Rouge Beauty formula. We harness the chaos of mad science to create fun, exciting demonstrations for cooking up your own cosmetics, then we bring the experience to you.

There are a variety of party packages available to create your own lip gloss, nail polish, lipstick, or eyeshadow. Inquire for additional customized products, such as character makeup (zombie, superhero, etc.), perfume balms, body products, and more coming soon.

Mad Rouge Beauty can be booked for almost any event, from private parties to corporate events. Your guests will create and bottle their own unique formula, finished with a custom label, to take home as a special memory from your event. Mad Rouge Beauty can be booked for birthday parties, slumber parties, sweet 16, hobby activities, school enrichment, bachelorette and bridal showers, ladies night, special celebrations, youth or adult clubs, friendly gatherings – you name it!  For larger events, such as bat mitzvahs, holiday parties, company parties, corporate events, product launches, team building and more, Mad Rouge Beauty brings a Pop-Up Bar to you!  With Mad Rouge Beauty, we’ve got something for everyone and we encourage you to think outside the box!

A Mad Rouge Beauty Event is perfect for anyone…even boys!!  There is something for everyone to enjoy from young girls to grown women.  Whether it’s an 8 year old birthday party, a sweet 16, a bridal shower, a team building exercise, or a desire to reinvent ladies night, Mad Rouge Beauty can accommodate all your needs.  And yes, that includes boys…think Zombie or Character Make-Up or creating a face paint palette of your favorite sports team!

We use a variety of natural or non-toxic ingredients in all of our formulas that are sourced carefully and responsibly, many of which include plant-based waxes and oils, natural micas and dyes.  We are constantly educating ourselves and updating our ingredients and supplies based on the latest information available, therefore our recipes and ingredients may change from time to time.  Our recipes are formulated to ensure you safety- if we wouldn’t use it on ourselves or our own kids, you won’t find it at Mad Rouge Beauty.  If you would like further information, please contact us.


Ingredients used are natural or non-toxic…if we wouldn’t feel safe using it on our own children, we certainly wouldn’t want you putting it on yours.  You can view the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) here  for many of the sourced mica powders, liquids, waxes and oils used in the formulas

Shelf life of a product created at a Mad Rouge event will vary depending on the ingredients selected during the formulating process.  For example, argan oil has a shelf life of 18 months while jojoba has an infinite shelf life. When you select natural ingredients in your formulas to use directly on your body, these health benefits may outweigh a longer shelf life.  However, if you would like to extend the shelf life of your products, please inquire about natural preservatives that are available.  Happy for us, our customers are thrilled with their custom creations and use them up quickly regardless!

At Mad Rouge Beauty, the non-toxic base that we use for our nail polishes does not contain the known carcinogens formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin. This makes our polishes an especially safe option for children and moms-to-be, and helps to create a safer and greener environment.  Although polish bases may emit odors,  you can feel safer knowing you are using a non-toxic product on your nails.

We understand that this decision may be a different one for all families, but at Mad Rouge Beauty, you can customize an age-appropriate product that you are comfortable with. For example, for younger guests, you can choose a simple clear gloss or polish with lighter shimmer or tint. You can add natural pigment dyes or micas for for more saturated color for the older guests. The focus is less about beauty standards, and more about empowering our youth get inspired by applied science, to celebrate their individuality, and become their own inventor while learning about natural, safe beauty products.

While we strive to be inclusive of all ages, many of the activities involved require greater fine motor skills that may discourage our youngest guests. In addition, your guests’ safety is our utmost priority.  Therefore we can not allow younger guests to participate during our demonstration and product formulation due to supervision or liability. concerns.  Please inquire further with the Mad Rouge team with any additional questions.

Absolutely!  Turn your everyday or birthday sleepover into something more creative and fun!

If you completed a formulator card, this may be saved to recreate your formula at a future Mad Rouge Beauty event. The Mad Rouge Beauty team is currently working on DIY kits for future home use…stay tuned!