Serving Up Cosmetic Chemistry Birthday Fun For Kids!

 Eight-year old girls sure know how to party! Mad Rouge Beauty celebrated with Evalina and her creative crew for an 8th birthday bash this weekend. All hands on deck mixing,

Lipstick and Light – Amy Jane and Friends

From time to time, we love featuring inspiring experiences we’ve shared with clients. This past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Amy Jane, her family, and some of her closest

Halloween with Marysia Bumby

As boy moms, one of our favorite seasonal celebrations is Halloween. So when our good friend, Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves, amazing swimsuit designer behind Marysia Swim, invited us and our boys to

Ally’s 7th Birthday…Scientists At Work/Play

  Mad Rouge Beauty had a BLAST on Sunday hosting a lip gloss party for Alivia, daughter of awesome LA children’s clothing designer Schnarbles, whose kids clothing made here in LA are

The Mad Rouge Party

I recently ran into a friend who have I haven’t seen in years and filled her in on all the exciting news about Mad Rouge Beauty.  I watched her eyes grow wide with excitement as she asked, “You can actually do that? What exactly does a Mad Rouge party look like and where can I find one!?” So, let me take a moment to highlight what we do exactly.

The Mad Rouge Story

People often ask how the idea of Mad Rouge came about.  After all it’s a unique and interesting concept.  It all kind of began with my niece, Stella Rose, my son Remy and his best friend Evan, and a Mad Science party.  But let me back up a little…