About Us

Sarah Rousselle


Jennifer Abramson


Mad Rouge Beauty began in 2015 from the shared vision of Sarah Rousselle and Jennifer Abramson, Los Angeles-based moms who wanted to create a turnkey event- planning service combining experiential learning and applied chemistry in a playful environment.

A professional makeup artist since 1999, Sarah Rousselle was no stranger to cosmetics when she had the idea to make lip gloss as a bonding activity with her six-year-old niece, Stella Rose. Sarah found a simple recipe and sourced safe, natural ingredients, including mineral-based pigments in Stella’s favorite colors. The moment became a family affair as relatives joined in on the fun, and before long, Sarah was hosting DIY parties to create lipstick, nail polish, and pressed eye shadow from scratch.

The projects were successful as collaborative, educational crafts, but they soon revealed themselves to have even greater potential. When a typically cautious aunt took the opportunity to mix lime-green nail polish, a hue she had secretly coveted but never dared to purchase, Sarah realized she had tapped into a liberating and empowering aspect of creativity: while mixing their own cosmetics, people of all ages were enjoying the freedom to discover themselves in the process.

A self-proclaimed dreamer, Sarah knew she needed a pragmatist to make Mad Rouge a reality. Enter Jennifer Abramson: social worker, supermom, and compulsive list-maker. Brought together by their sons’ best- friendship and inspired by their love of mad science, Sarah and Jennifer forged a friendship of their own that quickly evolved into a formidable business partnership. The perfect balance of imagination and practicality, this dynamic duo is dedicated to providing kids and adults alike with hands-on learning experiences that are equal parts empowering, inspiring, and fun.